This is a CUSTOM SERVICE.... Many different materials go into making an individual one of a kind POWER PIECE, so that the energies of the precious and semi precious stones, metals and other materials will enhance your entire being and evoke the positive responses you will have requested to take you to your highest good, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The information required will be obtained through a personal phone counseling session.

The energies of the stones and other materials combined in a unique and beautiful AMULET will amplify your total life enhancement towards its greatest potential, all being achieved through the highest light in Divine Order. These unique and individual Necklaces that I create, are a contemporary version of similar ancient Medicine Necklaces traditionally used and worn for ceremony, protection, healing, well-being, and prosperity. "Stone energy" was not lost to the Indigenous people of the world, and a Medicine Necklace was just that, a power piece to be worn for healing and life enhancement. It was and is "wearable medicine."

Today, the idea of "Stone Power" is no longer cloaked in superstition, but recognized by Science as a real and viable amplifying force, as the Mineral Kingdom is the original "ultra-sound" used in many contemporary healing techniques, including Chiropractic Medicine. I have been teaching "Crystal Technologies" and making these necklaces for people for more than 30 years. To my delight, the response has been absolutely overwhelming, as people have not only been thrilled with their piece but also reported wonderful positive results occurring in their lives, from the moment they began wearing their Medicine Necklace. I like to relate to the client that there is "Heavy Magic" in their Power Piece, but to remember that Magic is nothing more than a change in consciousness..become the Magician or Enchantress, and allow the Magic of your Medicine necklace to transform you.

I like to think of my "power" necklaces as Spontaneous Alchemy. When you look in the dictionary, the classic definition says that alchemy was a way of changing base metals into gold, but there is a more contemporary definition too -- to be more specific: "A power or process of transforming something common into something precious." And it seems that the feedback I've gotten from people who wear my amulets, this is exactly what happens. It's not just ornament, its transformational...experience the Magic of Spontaneous Alchemy!

The pieces shown here are a few examples of works that were commissioned, and are now being worn by my clients. If you would like to take advantage of this service, call or email me for more information as to prices, availability of materials and timeframes.

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All pieces signed and numbered.