The necklaces pictured below were all COMMISSIONED AND CUSTOM ORDERED. They are shown as
EXAMPLES of what has been created from a request for a unique and original personalized and transformational
amulet-talisman that will become part of your life and upliftment. If you are interested in ordering a special
personal-healing, medicine/power necklace, email or call for more information.
Quartz Crystal Wand Amulet
Created with lost-wax silver castings, gem stones and hand-made chain.
Medicine Necklace Amulet
Created with fossilized Timber Wolf teeth, Lapis Lazuli, Fire Agate, Azureite,
and gem Chrysocolla, Jade, ancient Ivories
Power Necklace Amulet
Lynx Claws (no-kill specimens) with a center of Watermelon Tourmaline, with Sugilite,
gem grade Apatite, Spectrolite, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite
Transformation Amulet
Front View. Dinosaur tooth with antique agate, fossilized bones, and rare collector's beads, Naga beads, and Snake vertebrae.
Cheetah Power Amulet
Created with Sterling and Bronze castings, ancient beads and fossils
This necklace was especialy created for a Silent Auction donation for thte "Cheetah Conservation Fund." If you would like to learn about what you can do to save them, contact www.
Four Directions Talisman Variation 1
Spectrolite with silver, Snake bone
and Pearls
Four Directions Talisman Variation 2
Incised creek pebble, with Pearl, Turquoise Pumtek beads, Shark teeth, lost-wax cast Sterling feathers