Morning Star~Standing Tall was the name given to her by her adopted Grandfather. She has been an Arizona resident since 1991. Although her ethnic background is primarily French Huguenot, Zoe has been honored by four Indian Nations over the years. "I consider these events an enormous and amazing honor. It was however, never anything I ever sought out, and it was always so astounding to me that these wonderful associations seemed to come to me in an unexpected and serendipitous way." She has been adopted by the Cherokee, the Tuscarora (Huron), the Hopi, and the Dogrib.

In another unexpected event, the Phoenix Indian Services finally recognized her Chippewa (Chipewayan) Native American/Canadian background in 1993. Her work involves an understanding of, and dedication to the idea that we must all take an active and responsible role in healing the Earth and ourselves. She has always been fascinated with, most notably, Native American cosmology and sacred art forms, and it has long been her greatest desire to honor, through her own work, all her Native American/Canadian Brothers and Sisters, and all that Walk, Crawl, Swim, Fly and Grow to the Light.

She holds two degrees; a B.A. in Fine Arts, and a M.A. in Science and Philosophy. An award-winning Artist and Teacher, her work has been exhibited all over the world. Her love of animals, Indigenous cosmology and Sacred Art, is all very apparently reflected in her work, whether she is creating unique and innovative indigenously oriented artifacts, Jewelry or paintings. She is also a very creative teacher of Universal Law and Sacred Science, dynamic Gardening Techniques, employing the creation of Sacred Space, Meditation, Crystal Technologies, Dowsing, as well as Zen Drawing and Painting.

In addition, she is also a Reiki Master/Teacher. Whether creating an object of Art or teaching esoterics, she has the amazing ability to combine ancient tradition with contemporary application, bringing about a healing and transformation of the Human Spirit. Her work to date has spanned over 40 years.

She attributes her abilities and interests to her beloved and creative Parents and adopted Grandfather. "I think, that more than anything else, my beloved Father, Mother and Grandfather taught me an attitude or sense of reality as to what it is to honor the Sacred in all life, and to honor my abilities as a gift to be shared. They taught me what it is to be an Earth keeper and the many loving ways of becoming a true Human Being." | 480.488.9626
PO Box 1477, Carefree, AZ 85377

My art is a direct reflection of my understanding of the idea that we must all take an active and responsible role in healing ourselves, and healing the Earth.

I love the idea that beautiful things can be functional, so I feel that my work should not only have a practical use, but also be inspirational and transformational in nature. I realize that my ability to create is indeed a gift from a higher source, and as such, I never want to exploit or waste this wonderful blessing. I truly love my chosen endeavors and look at my artwork and my teaching as a small contribution for not only the upliftment of my Self, but also of the World.

Whether I create with art or with words, it always gives me great joy, and when I feel that joy reflected from others as a response to my work, it is then that I know I've been renewed and rewarded in the best way possible, and I've somehow contributed a little bit of love and happiness to the world.

Mitakuye Oyasin...Zoe