These cards are created from Giclees of the eleven Drum Face images and the three Shrine images. Each card has been handmade and inscribed by the artist. Each card measures 5.5" x 8.5" and has a full write-up about the art and the artist on each card.

Each card has been created with recycled paper consisting of Banana, Cigar, and Coffee fibers, added with 100% recycled post-consumer paper. Each card has a blank interior with an additional insert page, plus an envelope and a package of naturally pollinated seeds from the American Southwest (see details below). Each card is individually packaged in a clear envelope.

NOTE: Due to the unique nature of these cards, the heavy durable weight of the papers used makes them not only a wonderful note card, but also an ideal and unique gift. They can also serve as a small folder for assorted notes, photographs, drawings, and small flat collectables, due to their durable construction.

*Seeds are no longer included with these cards.

Let your heart reconnect with the earth and learn to follow the good medicine way.

And remember, MAGIC is nothing more than a change in consciousness.

A SET of 14 HANDMADE CARDS for the PRICE of 12!

NOTE: A portion of the revenue from the sale of these cards will be donated
to save the rain forests of the world.
Click on the Images below to See the three Shrine Pictures
Drum face cards can be viewed on the Sacred Medicine Drum Page...
Your favorite artwork in a variety of formats: Assorted Card Sets, Prints, Framed Prints and Single Cards.

ABOUT THE SEEDS ENCLOSED WITH CARDS: There are 14 seed packages included in the set of 14 cards (some pictured above). Each card contains one of the following organic, naturally pollinated seed packages from "Desert Gatherings":

Century Plant (Agave Seeds), Habanera Hot Chile Seeds, Dipper Gourd "Lagenaria Siceraria" Seeds, New Mexico Anaheim Chile Seeds, Cilantro/Coriander Seeds, Hopi Blue Corn Seeds, Giant Joshua Tree "Yucca Brevifolla" Seeds, Ocotillo Seeds, Date Palm Tree Seeds, Pine Tree Seed collection (contains Bristle Cone, Douglas Fir, Pinyon and White Pine Seeds), Giant Saguaro "Carnegiea Gigantea" Seeds, The Great Chili Seed Mix (included are Anaheim, Jalapeno, Tepin Chili Seeds, Tomatillo Seeds, Desert Wild Flower Mixed Seeds (containing a variety of 9 different seeds).