Two-Sided Drum ~ 15" Diameter
Now in a private collection.

© Zoe Lani Sayer, All Rights Reserved

Each drum I create is a one-of-a-kind original Honor-Piece, dedicated to a specific theme. The title of this drum is "Honor the Guardian of Great Spirit." A Sacred Smudge Bowl has been blessed with ancestral powers honoring Grandmother Eagle here on earth, as well as in the Spirit World. She carries the Medicine Power of Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. Although she lives in the realm of spirit, she remains connected and in balance within the realities of our planet as soars close to the heavens where Great Spirit dwells. She flies above earthbound concerns.

~Signed & Numbered Prints ~
Available as
8" and 10" diameter images and as double-matted 4.5" image in 7" Oak frame.

May You Always Walk in Beauty and Follow the Sacred Path
Mitakuye Oyasin...Zoe