Now in a private collection.
Two-sided Drum ~ " Diameter

© Zoe Lani Sayer, All Rights Reserved

Each drum I create is a one-of-a-kind original honor-piece dedicated to a specific theme. The ocean theme for this drum is centered around the concept of protecting our precious sentient brothers and sisters that are the spirit keepers of vibrational sound frequencies, and the history of mother earth, as the great Record Keepers. These precious beings, the orcas, have been given the name Killer Whale erroneously, because they are not only the largest of all the dolphins, but also the most intelligent. Without these amazing beings, the earth would cease to exist, so important is their contribution to our planet and ourselves.

Depicted are two large Native American spirit guardians sending prayers to these magnificent creatures. The one on the right is Beautiful Shell Woman, the spirit keeper of the Pacific Ocean. The one on the left is the spirit guardian of the Atlantic Ocean. Together, they send their prayers, guidance, protection, thanks and love to these wonderful creatures that not only share their lives with us on this beautiful planet but also play an irreplaceable and imperatively necessary role in keeping our planet whole.