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The following pieces are available in limited edition.
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and for artwork and purchasing information.
All pieces signed and numbered.

On the previous page is a history of Medicine Necklaces and Sacred Bundles. Here and on the next several pages are pictured the available limited edition pieces that I have created over the years.All are Sacred Objects and all have been designed with prayers and great honor in the Native American/Canadian Indian tradition to the extent of my ability, and what I have learned from my many wonderful teachers. I have never compromised in my workmanship or my materials, and over the 30 years I have been creating and designing these pieces, I have focused on finding and using only rare and precious beads and stones in creating my work, although some items display just "common" pebbles and castings of simple bones and twigs. My feeling however, is that everything I choose to use has a special purpose, meaning and value for the piece, and enhances its intrinsic beauty.

These pieces, whether they be a Necklace, Bundle or Pouch, are all available in a limited edition. Each one is made slowly, carefully, and with great love - there are no "production pieces" - and each piece is signed and numbered. These pieces are more than just ornament or personal adornment. It is my intention in creating them, that whoever possesses one of my creations, finds it to be a sacred object that brings a wonderful spiritual upliftment and positive transformation and becomes part of their life.

Please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks delivery time, due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating each of these pieces...thanks....If more time is required, I will contact you.

Click on an image below to see an enlarged view and for information
on the artwork and purchasing.
Also available: Amulets and Talismans | 480.488.9626 | PO Box 1477, Carefree, AZ 85377