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This bundle is reminiscent of my adopted Grandfather's teachings. "The people of the Caribou," as they were known, were his nation...the Dogrib from the Yellowknife territories of Northwest Canada...they nomadically followed the Caribou much like the Plains Indians followed the Buffalo. This Medicine Bundle has been created with a lost-wax cast Jeweler's Bronze front which has been ensized with Whirling Rainbow, Caribou and Turtle symbols, and then hand-enameled. The backing is cow rawhide, which has been stitched into the metal. The Deer Suede Flap has been hand decorated with a four directions shield design and Petrogliffs. The pouch has been enhanced with lost wax cast Sterling silver and Bronze bones and claws, Turquoise and antique glass carvings, Sterling Silver Cast and enameled Eagle feathers, ancient Nepalese Brass bells, Bronze vertebrae, as well as many unusual antique and ancient collectors beads. The Piece is finished with tiny Red Oyster Heshi, Silver cones and clasp.

Measurements: 2 inches long x 1-1/2 inches wide and ¾ inches thick
Length with fringe, 3 inches; Necklace length: 22 inches

Available in a limited edition.

Due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating this piece, please allow 4-8 weeks delivery time. If more time is required, I will contact you - thanks!


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