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A High Sonoran Desert "creek pebble" has been hand carved in the form of an ear of corn. Suspended off the stone is a 3-dimensional Sterling Silver lost wax cast Corn, which has been hand-enameled. Additional Silver castings of enameled tiny corns as well as antiquities beads of glass, bone, seed, clay, silver and shell further enhance the piece. Above, a large enameled silver bail is strung with antique glass, agate, silver, bone, and finished with Olive shell Heshi, silver cones and clasp.

Corn, a hardy drought-resistant wild plant, grew extensively throughout the Southwestern United States. It was used by the Indigenous Native people in the regions as the main staple in their diet, as well as in Ceremony. CORN was thought of as the FIRST FOOD and therefore the FIRST MOTHER Energy. The idea of "Planting Corn" was a concept of sowing seeds of abundance and balance in your life.

Dimensions: length from top of pebble to bottom of large Corn: 4 inches. Pebble width:1 ½" Necklace length...20"

Due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating this piece, please allow 4-8 weeks delivery time. If more time is required, I will contact you - thanks!