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This little pouch was made from a "found" bird beak. I cast it, then took a wax from the casting and added a whimsical bird effigy face to the beak. The back was given a hinged flap and snap-latch clasp, making the entire piece a pouch or locket. Finally it was ready for a permanent mold, then cast in the lost-wax method - a long and tedious process to be sure. Once cast in Sterling Silver. The beak has been enameled in copper. The eye sockets in black enamel, with dots of copper around the rims. The Eyes are set with three-dimensional "Four-directions" symbols. It has been enhanced with other lost-wax cast Sterling Silver and bronze feathers, claws, bones, vertebrae, and bells. All the little cast bones and claws were originally recovered from "Owl Pellets." Additional beads of Snake-bone, fish bone, ancient collector's glass, wood, shell heshi, and agate add to the design. The piece is strung with variegated shell heshi and ended with sterling silver cones and clasp.

Hawk medicine teaches us to be observant, and to look at our surroundings. We should learn to observe the obvious in everything we do. Life is always sending us signals, and experience is the teacher. If you are attracted to Hawk, then you are also drawn to the magic that life brings to us. Throughout history, indigenous people have believed Hawk to be the messenger who brought pertinent information on their "Earth walk" on the "Good Red Road." Its message teaches us to heighten our awareness to receive Sacred messages which lead us to the Great Blue Road of Spirit.

Measurements: 1½" long X 7/8" wide (at its widest part) and 1" thick. Length with fringe, 4." Necklace length, 21."
Due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating this piece, please allow 4-8 weeks delivery time. If more time is required, I will contact you - thanks!