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This necklace/bundle is an "Honor Piece" created as a Prayer Offering Bundle and is an effigy of the "Corn Mother". It represents all the energy of fertility and wisdom within the plant itself. Each of us must sow good seeds - we must plant a garden where we are able to honor and respect one another and all that walk, crawl, swim, fly and grow to the light. We must recognize that each one of us has a responsibility of "moving in step" with the rhythm and dance of our Grandmother, the Earth.

This piece has been created in Sterling Silver with the "lost-wax" method of casting, and has been hand enameled (twice for vibrancy of color) with glass enamels. It has been decorated with many unusual materials including antique glass beads from the 1920s and earlier (Hudson Bay beads from the turn of the century). In addition It has also been enhanced with clay beads from "Mali" South Africa, antique seeds, brass, miniature pin shell and other "Heshi" style beads, bone, antique Silver beads from Tibet, and lost-wax cast bones, vertebrae and mouse bone Hands (all originally found in "Owl Pellets"). The pouch has further ornament of Deer suede and is finished with Pin Shell and Cape Buffalo Horn Heshi.

This Medicine Bundle/ Necklace is an "Honor Piece" created as a Prayer Offering Bundle and is an effigy of the "Corn-Mother". Corn, a hardy drought-resistant wild plant grew extensively throughout the Southwestern United States. It was used by the Indigenous Native People In the regions as the main staple in their diet, as well as in Ceremony. CORN was thought as the FIRST FOOD and therefore the FIRST MOTHER Energy. The idea of "Planting Corn" was a concept of planting abundance in your life.

This piece is actually a small locket-type pouch. The back (not shown) Is also enameled and resembles the Corn leaves. It has a hinged "snap-latch" catch that opens and locks closed, and is capable of holding small stones, vitamins, herbs for aromatherapy, prayers and so on.

Measurements: 3" long X 1" wide X ¾" thick (fringe and enhancement add another inch in length); the beaded necklace part of the piece is 20" long

Due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating this piece, please allow 4-8 weeks delivery time. If more time is required, I will contact you - thanks!