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This is the last and possibly the finest of the "Corn Bundle Series." It is larger, and contains an actual prayer offering of Blue Corn meal inside, as well as a tiny red flannel bundle of blue corn kernels for offering prayers to the Earth during ceremony. Native peoples believed in achieving balance with the forces of the Upper and Lower Worlds. The idea was to use good to counteract evil wherever possible. In using a sprinkling of Blue Corn, from the Bundle, think of the many ways that thanks can be given for the gifts we receive from Grandmother Earth. Corn, as previously mentioned is the "first food," and "first Mother" energy, and carries with it the energy of nurturing and prosperity. Blue Corn is special because it carries the energy of the "Great Blue Road" which is our Spirit-path.

This pouch contains many very special and rare collectors beads. The front of the flap has been elaborately painted with a corn motif and contains a painted ceramic corn surrounded by antique glass beads, in the form of a Shrine, below which is an antique "Ribbon" trade bead, and Hudson Bay Trading company beads, and another ceramic corn. The side fringe of leather and other rare beads display complementary colors, as well as the beads, on the braided Deer suede strap. The rectangular shaped pouch of stiff Cow raw hide has been painted with a large corn pattern, complementing the colors on the soft Deer or Pig suede flap.

Dimensions: Measurements are approximate due to the nature of the materials used; each piece will vary slightly in size.
Length of pouch, 4 inches. Width, 3 inches. Thickness, 1 ¼ inches.
Length with flap and dangles, 6 inches. Strap length, 30 inches.

Available in a limited edition.

Due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating this piece, please allow 4-8 weeks delivery time. If more time is required, I will contact you - thanks!