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Turtle is the oldest symbol for planet Earth, and "Turtle Island" is the name given to the North American continent by the original native peoples here. There are two Turtle Island pouches in this series, of large pouches. This one, in a Black motif, depicts the Southwest, and the other, a White theme, depicts the Northwest. This pouch has been created with recycled cow rawhide; the stiff leather sides are stitched with antique glass beads. The FRONT FLAP of recycled soft black Deer suede contains a Sterling Silver lost-wax casting of a large dancing Shaman, ornamented with Antlers, Turtles, and Caribou. Between the antlers is an enameled porcelain Turtle, with a cast silver Horny Toad above. The FLAP has also been decorated with hand painted petrogliff designs. When you lift the Flap up, it reveals the FRONT OF the POUCH, which has been painted with a southwestern blanket pattern. The pouch has also been enhanced with antique glass, clay and bone beads, as well as a braided Deer Suede strap.

Dimensions: These are approximate due to the nature of the materials. Each Pouch is individual and varies slightly in size.
Pouch length, 3 inches. Tapered width, 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. Length with flap, fringe and dangles, 5 inches. Thickness, 1 ½ inches. Braided strap length, 24 inches

Due to the labor-intensive handwork involved in creating this piece, please allow 4-8 weeks delivery time. If more time is required, I will contact you - thanks!