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Nature Shrines are Earth Altars that I created to bring back the enchantment and mystery of ancient traditions into contemporary life. Each piece combines my organic imagery and fantasy with omens from nature, and are steeped in Native American wisdom and myth. I designed them to accompany such accoutrements as a Drum, Rattle, Fan, various Medicine Bags, Drum Beater and Talking Stick, to further enhance their use.

Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind design, created to remind us of the Sacredness of Life and allow us to respect our Mother Earth and the Totems of our Power Animals -- our allies among nature. In creating these ornamental wall pieces, it is my hope that we all learn to honor the wisdom of our ancestors and their assistance in supporting the Sacred Path.

These shrines have been created with a resin base, which gives them enormous strength and durability, as well as a light weight. They are easily hung on any wall.

If you are interested in ordering an individual Shrine, please contact me as to your preferences in subject matter, pricing and availability.
Wholesale Inquiries Welcome.

Shrine Forms Available: | 480.488.9626 | PO Box 1477, Carefree, AZ 85377